Quotes I had been privy to the delicious edibles provided by Steve for us at our focus panels sponsored by the Medical center. I was then drawn in to stay and eat more of his healthy yet extremely tasty fare,after my own care appointments. Although, our family had many places to choose for our daughters Marriage Luncheon at our home on the coast of Hull, Steve was by far our unanimous choice. He was patient, understanding,and showed us ways to save on the overall cost of our affair, while not scrimping on choices or portions. Very few business men are as honest and caring throughout the process both before and after,as Steve and his company are. We will spread the word to many of our friends,and be back again... Quotes
Bobbi Lynn Kalb
Patient S.S.Med.Cntr and Focus Panel Member of S.S.M.C.

Quotes Fantastic assortment of food which is so delicious. Steve and his Team are the "best"!! A welcoming addition for SSMC. Quotes
Dottie Andrade
SSMC Employee

Quotes I have had chef Conti cater several events. His flair for the wholesome, nutritious foods he prepares is superb. The salads offering are extremely well presented and my guests love the dressings. I recommend him favorably Quotes
William F McCrave

Quotes I just had to write!!! I am an (unwilling )patient who has to have a weekly injection. The nurses are great but...the real reason I get through those sessions is because I get to come in to the cafe and have the most wonder capucchino, and the best chicken salad sandwich in the world on Tuscan bread. What really made me write today is the I splurged and bought a salad with pecns,,, and cranberries. goat cheese. The salad is packed with all those wonderful flavors. Thank you and best of luck. I know this cafe has a long life there in the medical building. ONe of the best ideas. By the way ...all of the ladies there are wonderful!!! Quotes
Maria McAlpin
Satisfied Patient

Quotes I love the Longwater Cafe! They have a great selection. You can't beat the quality of their food too. You may be "dining out" but they have selections like the Low fat breakfast panini, hummus wraps, and fruits/veggies, so you actually still feel like you are eating good food. The workers at the Cafe are very nice! Quotes

Quotes Congratulations Steve! I am sure the people of Norwell and visitors to the medical will soon learn the wonders of Steve Conti prepared food. Wishing you much success! Cheers! Quotes
Marianne Burks

Quotes Great service, great people. Always a smile given with every order. The food is EXCELLENT. So happy to have them as part of our new building. Quotes
Heather Burns
Very satisfied SSMC Employee

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